Our Product and Services

Our products range includes:

Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

i) Woodworking
  • Edge gluing
  • Finger Jointing
  • Membrane Press
  • Board to Board Lamination
  • Paper and Vinyl Overlay
  • Speaker Box Assembly
  • General Furniture Assembly, Parquet Flooring and Floorboard Flooring

ii) Packaging and Converting
  • Board and Flute Lamination
  • Foil and Foam Lamination
  • Case and Carton Sealing
  • Tubewinding and V-board
  • PP, OPP, PE Lamination
  • Envelope

Urea Formaldehyde Powder Resin
  • Gypsum to Solid Wood
  • Window Frames
  • Flush Door
  • Door Frame

PVC Cement
  • PVC Door Assembly
  • Pipe Assembly